Childhood Hobby – All Grown Up

I remember back when I was a kid, I had an awesome rock collection. Actually, a lot of my childhood memories involve rummaging through parking lots with my family or getting a new addition to my stash. My grandmother used to take me for a walk every day after school, just to see if we could find any nifty rocks to add to my collection. One of my favorite memories is when my mom brought me back a beautiful pink Quartz from one of her business trips in Utah. I had bags and bags full of stones: multicolored, shiny, gravel, jagged, smooth, speckled…you name it. So what! They’re just rocks, right? Well yes, they’re just rocks. My collection wasn’t of any value when it comes to money. But to me, my collection is full of good times, great memories, and made my childhood like a giant scavenger hunt! Collecting is an art!


I’m sure you’re wondering why I just told you all of that. Well, just because you grow up and mature, that doesn’t mean you have to stop collecting! Collecting adds an extra bit of fun to life, always keeping an eye out for a new find. My eyes have recently been opened to a new form of collecting: Book collecting! This hobby is truly an art form. A big pile of random books doesn’t count as a good collection. A good collection must clearly reflect a unifying theme. In other words, the books must all have something in common. Maybe you want to collect books written by Dante Alighieri, or books published in the 17th century, or maybe you just really love books bound in leather! It doesn’t matter! You decide. Once you pick your theme, you just start! From then on, you’ll find that your eyes are always peeled for that hidden treasure on your grandpa’s bookshelf or hidden in the discount bins at the library. The great thing about book collecting is that, just like rocks, the books don’t have to be expensive in order to be valuable. As long as they mean something to you, then they are valuable. I hope I have inspired you to explore this new world of literary provenance! Happy hunting!


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