Beautiful Books: A Total Transformation

Being in the “Book Beautiful” Honors class has really given me a new perspective on what a book really is. Before I took this class, I only thought of a book as the story that it holds, a way for the author to share thoughts with his reader. I never really thought about the book itself. I’ve learned that the book, the physical object in itself, is a piece of art; a beautiful masterpiece with a story all on its own. Handcrafted by a skilled artist, hours upon hours of dedication are poured into each piece.  My past blog posts have went into detail about different aspects of the physical book: binding, type, illustration, etc. But what about taking a book and turning it into something completely different? I had never even heard of this idea of repurposed books before, but after a little researching, I found some incredible pieces of art!

If you’re an avid reader, a book collector, or just a crazy person with huge stacks of books lying around, chances are you’re going to eventually run into a clutter problem. What do you do with the old books you don’t want anymore? Sell them? Not for much… Read them again? Already did, 5 times… Give them away? They’re not really in great shape for gift giving… I know! Repurpose them! Turn yesterday’s literary relic into tomorrow’s creative décor! Thanks to Dishfunctional Designs, I found some great ideas that I wanted to share with you!

lamp < Lamp made of books!

lolitabook < Book Clutch!

il_570xN.358626374_3t4n < Book Sculptures!

tumblr_ljfjt5KmVf1qivu09o1_400 < Book Bracelets!

4500963085_db001b0530_o <Book Carvings! > Modern-Painters-1873White-view1

You can find some more great ideas at

I hope this has inspired you to look at the “book” a little bit differently. I know I have! Now I need to go find some old books… Crafts time!


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