When leafing through old books, you can find so many interesting things. Whether it’s a handwritten note jotted down in the margin, a little piece of paper stuck in between two pages, or even just the name of the previous owner written in the front…it’s all a part of that book’s history. That’s the great thing about finding a book with a bookplate!


A bookplate is a small print or decorative label pasted into a book, usually on the inside front cover, to show ownership. They typically bear a name, motto, crest, or any motif that relates to the owner of the book. Sometimes an owner will even spend a lot of money and request something special from a famous artist or designer. The name of the owner usually follows an inscription such as “from the library of…”, or in Latin, “ex libris….” They can give great insight into what the owner valued or was interested in. Bookplates are important aspect of the provenance of books.

Just for fun, I created my own bookplate! A very large part of my life revolves around nutrition and health. I love learning about different healthy foods, such as vegetables and fruits, and how they benefit the body. A lot of my books are on the subject of nutrition, Veganism, health, exercise physiology, and subjects of that sort. Therefore, I wanted my bookplate to reflect those interests! Click here—>bookplate Hope you like 🙂


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