Is that a Book? …or a Game? Movie?

The world of technology and electronics has really come a long way. We went from walking and riding horses to driving cars and flying planes! We went from using swords and daggers to using handguns, guided missiles, and even high powered lasers! We’ve gone from having to hand write letters to using typewriters to using high tech computers! With all of the increase in knowledge and giant leaps forward in technology…what will become of our beloved book?


There has already been a huge increase in switching the focus from hand held books to digital e-books. The sale of digital media has sky-rocketed! The convenience of e-readers allows the owner to have thousands of books in a single device. While the beauty of the book as an object (such as it’s binding, provenance, and craftsmanship) will suffer, people greatly value the chance to always have their beloved books with them at all times.


The ever-increasing digital realm made me wonder about the future of books. Not in the negative sense, but more in a positive way. What new doors will this open? I particularly thought about children’s books. Already on the market, there are pop up books, books with windows and hidden pockets, interactive sounds and buttons, and tons more different creative additions to spark a young child’s learning mind. But think about all the amazing things that could be done as e-books! Moving pictures?! Interactive story characters?! Pronunciation help?! You could basically combine the text of a book, with the moving illustrations of a movie, with the interactive challenges of a game! That would be the ultimate fun learning experience for a growing child. I am very excited and intrigued to see what the future holds for books and technology.


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